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The Local Police of the Municipality of Rome have established a new traffic discipline in the area of the Foro Italico during the football matches and other major events hosted by the Olympic Games. A reorganization of the traffic area will occur to ensure a safer and
smoother transition of vehicle and pedestrian traffic when events are taking place in the stadium.

The aim is to ensure all areas adjacent to the stadium are free from parked cars to relocate car and bus parks along viale della XVII Olimpiade, piazzale Clodio and viale di Tor di Quinto and only allow stops along Lungotevere Flaminio and Lungotevere Thaon de Revelto regulated by the existing signage and no longer in the middle of the roadway. There will also be bans on stopping on both sides of Morra Street and in the parking area along Lungotevere Cadorna, via dei Gladiatori and Via Prato Falcone (in the latter case, except for mopeds and motorcycles).

Other stop bans will affect Piazza Lauro de Bosis the poolfront parking areas, the University of Rome and the area in front of Coni Stadium. Further stop bans will be observed on Piazzale della Farnesina, via Alberto Blanc, via Tommaso Tittoni, via Paolo Boselli, viale della Macchia della Farnesina, piazzale Maresciallo Diaz (except for mopeds and motorcycles), the stretch of Lungotevere Diaz between Ponte Duca d'Aosta and viale Antonino di San Giuliano, via Mario Toscano, via Contarini, largo Ferraris IV, viale and piazzale dello stadio Olimpico, lungotevere Cadorna, via Antonino di San Giuliano, via Giuseppe Volpi and via Colli della Farnesina (also in this case, except from mopeds and motorcycles).

With the new rules, the users may reach the stadium in the following ways:
- by public transport: Using the extended public transport service on special events days
- getting close by motorbikes and bikes, parking them in the specific parking areas of the stadium
- parking the car in the regular parking areas or in the areas indicated by stewards

Disability permit holders may continue to park along viale delle Olimpiadi/viale dei Gladiatori, or at Stadio dei Marmi (via Nigra).

Total respect for bans

Unless you have a subscription or have a people whit disabilities permit holder, you may only park in regular parks or in the decentralised areas provided. Therefore, rows of cars or motorbikes are no longer tolerated in the middle of the roads, on the Lungotevere next to the stadium, nor on the opposite side of the Duca D'Aosta Bridge (Lungotevere Flaminio, Lungotevere Thaon di Ravel, Lungotevere Salvo D’Acquisto up to Ponte Milvio). Second-row parking or dangerous roadway reductions are not permitted.

Motorcycle and car areas: decentralised car parks

Motorcycles and bicycles may park near the stadium, but not "where it happens": they can park only in the areas planned experimentally, i.e.: via Contarini, via Toscano, viale Maresciallo Giardino and via Morra di Lavriano. Cars now have 3 parking areas available, relocated from the stadium, also considered an extension of the reserved area of the Olympic Stadium and manned by stewards, from where fans may reach the stadium on foot or public transport. The areas are:
- Piazzale Clodio
- Viale XVII Olimpiade (Flaminia/Auditorium area)
- Viale Tor di Quinto (close to Salvo D'Acquisto Barracks)

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