The project

The contact center 06 06 08, is  the telephone and internet information service of the city of Rome specifically designed for tourism and culture in the city of Rome. Whether you're a local or a visitor give us a call to get the latest on what's on.

Realised in partnership with Zètema Progetto Cultura, at 060608 you can buy entrance tickets to Museums, Exhibitions, Theatres and Shows with your credit card; subsequently collecting tickets on site.

Alternatively visit our web site at www.060608.it whenever you like.

Thanks to partnership with ATAC (public transport) you can receive up to the minute information on transport and traffic. We'll show you the easiest route to reach your destination; helping you and the city to keep on the move. We help make life easier with aerial photographs and interactive maps supplied by Seat Yellow Pages so you pinpoint where you want to go.

060608 is another member of the "06060..." family - the municipality's highly rated service designed for facilitating access to what Rome has to offer.

Thanks to the 060608 information service you can research for:

and find all the services you need when visiting Rome. Choose where to sleep, where to eat, how to get about.

and discover all the cultural activities Rome has to offer: museums, exhibitions, places of worship, shows, view points, cultural institutions, shopping, sports, free time and parks.

and find out what's on in the city: cinema, music, theatre, conventions, dance, festivals, sports and fashion, workshops, symposiums and reading, markets, fairs, exhibitions.

Calculate the quickest route and find out the means of transport available.

With 060608 you can buy tickets to many of the museums, exhibitions, theatres and events in Rome

Moreover with 060608 it's possible to buy the RomaPass card which offers you transport and 2 museums free of charge as well as reductions for all other museums and major events in Rome and tickets for the shows Forum of Augustus and Forum of Caesar
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