Roma World - Parco a tema dedicato alla Roma antica


Address: Via di Castel Romano
Zone: Castel Porziano (Roma sud)
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Spanning over 5 hectares of typical Roman countryside, among cork groves and pristine meadows, the new theme park will bring us back in time 2.000 years ago, giving us the opportunity to live a whole day as an ancient Romans, in a legionnaires’ camp. The large portal of the Roman camp (the Castrum) welcomes visitors at the entrance. In the middle of it stands the Gladiators Arena, a place where you can watch challenges or learn combat techniques led by professional instructors.

Then there are the Taberna, the park’s restaurant where you can taste real ancient Roman food, and the night Camp, where outdoor lovers can spend the night in tents equal to the ones used two thousand years ago by legionaries. Even shopping brings us back in time: in the outdoor market, you can discover objects and techniques of the past. A few steps away, the nearby farm hosts goats, sheep and dwarf cows, cute pigs, geese, turkeys, ducks, chickens, roosters, rabbits, but also donkeys and ponies to take children around the village. In addition to Pony riding, educational workshops and feeding sessions to learn how to feed and take care of the animals, children can also try archery shooting, adventure courses and outdoor games.

At one end of the village stands the Birds of Prey Arena with spectacular animal species such as eagles, hawks, owls and barn owls: accompanied by the falconers of Roma World, guests can try themselves in the Wild Walk Experience, where they will fly these animals into the woods. Nature lovers will appreciate the biodiversity of the Roman countryside in the Botanical Tour led by a local biologist, while cinema fans will love to visit the set of the Colossal movie Ben Hur, jumping on a chariot and to experiencing the real thrill of running in the spectacular Arena.

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