Antica Erboristeria Pontificia dal 1780


Address: Via Pozzo Delle Cornacchie, 26
Zone: Rione S. Eustachio (Senato-Corso Rinascimento) (Roma centro)


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The Pontifical Herbalist Shop dates back to 1780. The names and papal seals that were stamped on the scales, as witnessed by the previous owners, denote a power so profound that even secret passageways linking the herbalist's shop with the Vatican have been suggested.
The history of the herbalist's shop is vast, and with various owners over time, efforts have been made to recover the ancient furnishings and fittings, such as the boxes for storing plants, all made of sandalwood and finely painted. Ancient recipes for mixtures of medicinal plants for herbal teas are still preserved.
Recognised as an historical shop by the Mayor's Ordinance No. 50 of 25 February 1998

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