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Address: Via Urbana, 107
Zone: Rione Monti (Colosseo-S.Giovanni-S.Maria Maggiore) (Roma centro)


Telephone: 06 4747874
Web site: www.cinedetour.it

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For the timetable of the events and the access conditions, please contact directly the structure.


» Sala 1
» Sala 1


Cultural and social promotion association recognised by the Lazio Region. affiliated with ASSO.N.A.M. and F.I.C.C. (Italian Federation of Cinema Circles).

DETOUR was founded in 1997 in Rome, in the heart of the old Monti district, from the perception of an absence, a void in the fabric of the city's cultural offerings. At the time, the district still retained the last vestiges of its vocation as a popular neighbourhood.
This is how DETOUR began its adventure, from the dream of a fluid collective of young cinema and audiovisual enthusiasts, scholars and professionals who, over the years, have contributed to the creation of a physical reference point in the centre of Rome, a proudly independent place for the cinema of unconventional audiovisual and performing arts, with international relations and recognition.

More than anything else, DETOUR is a community space open to all disciplines and fed by the vital flow of the passage of knowledge, the construction of critical thought and creative research. 

The cultural association DETOUR APS runs its own screening room and multi-purpose, barrier-free socio-cultural space, including a café and wine bar, in Via Urbana, in one of the most characteristic districts of the city's historic centre.

The cinema, with a capacity of over 75 seats, renovated and equipped with the latest projection technologies, offers its members a regular programme of quality film screenings in original language, hosts and organises film festivals and reviews of national and international importance, meetings with authors and critics, live music and theatre events, training and educational activities, multimedia visual art exhibitions, photography and painting, editorial presentations and the organisation of cultural events in Rome and Lazio. Detour is a space open to anyone with ideas and talent, but not a physical place to put them into action. This is why our programming has always been nourished by collaboration with a thousand other national and international cultural realities.

The association produces the annual ON THE ROAD FILM FESTIVAL, an independent international festival of travel and frontier cinema, and the COSMOPOLIS FILM AWARDS, dedicated to filmmakers and artists under 35, with a particular focus on second generations and issues of urban coexistence in diversity.

Detour has been a member of the FICC (Federazione Italiana Circoli del Cinema) since its foundation, and since December 2014 has been affiliated with ASSO.N.A.M.

The association's spaces and screening room are available to members for initiatives and events. For further information write to cinedetour@tiscali.it.

In order to support our cultural project economically, it is possible to subscribe to different forms of subscriptions.

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