Address: Viale Castro Pretorio, 105
Zone: Rione Castro Pretorio (Porta Pia) (Roma centro)


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Modalità di partecipazione: Free entrance


Spazi900 is a permanent exhibition area dedicated to contemporary Italian literature, consisting of "La Stanza di Elsa", with the original furnishings that made up Morante's study, the Pasolini Room, the Levi Room, the Saba Room and the Writers' Galleries I and II - a journey through some of the most important protagonists of the last century.

The project stems from the National Library of Rome's vocation for contemporary literature, which conserves significant 20th-century literary collections and since 2015 has created the first literary museum in a public library, Spazi900.
The following sections, which are constantly updated, are dedicated to each author: biographical data; main works; documentary funds; library; bibliography and sources; places and itineraries; Spazi900.

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