Museo Storico della Comunicazione (già Museo Storico delle Poste e delle Telecomunicazioni)

Typology: State Museum


Address: Viale Europa, 243
Zone: Quartiere Europa EUR (Roma sud)
angolo Via Cristoforo Colombo


Opening times

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Modalità di partecipazione: Booking required, Free admission


The original core of the Museum of Postal and Telecommunications Services consists of the collection started in 1878 by Ernesto D’amico, at that time General Manager of Telegraphs. The evolution of postal services by earth, sea, and air, up to their mechanization phase is evoked through the collection of telegraphic materials and apparatuses coming from the Post Offices of the Italian States before the Union of Italy. Ample space is dedicated to the history of military telegraphy, telephony, and radio communications. The radiotelegraphic cabin of the yacht Elettra, the floating laboratory used by Guglielmo Marconi for his experiments has been reconstructed with some of the original equipment. Also Meucci’s and Morse’s devices are reconstructed. There is also a collection of mailboxes (the most ancient dated back to 1633) and a very rich collection of ancient and modern, Italian, European, and non-European stamps.
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