Museo Agostinelli della cultura popolare e dell'artigianato scomparso

Typology: Folk Museum, Private Museum


Address: Via Carlo Casini, 95
Zone: Acilia Nord (Roma sud)


Telephone: 06 5215532
Fax: 06 52319154
Mobile phone: 335 8418072

Opening times

For the opening times and guidelines please check the official website www.museoagostinelli.it


Modalità di partecipazione: Free admission


The Agostinelli Museum was created by its founder Domenico Agostinelli, from Campli (TE). He began collecting in 1954 as a 'santaro', proposing bartering, and from there the collection of objects of popular culture began.

In the 1960s, Domenico settled in Rome and by frequenting the Porta Portese market and other markets, he intensified his search for these objects, fuelling a spasmodic passion that led him to visit more than 60 countries in order to expand his collection, including other cultures.

Both the objects and the location are rented out to television, film and theatre productions.

In order to expand the collections, which are also made through donations, the owners offer to exchange duplicates for missing objects.

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