Come un albero. Museo-Bistrot

Typology: House Museum


Address: Via Alessandria, 159
Zone: Quartiere Salario (Roma nord)
in fondo al vicolo privato


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Disability Vision Museum.
A museum of storytelling about disability and a bistro for inclusive design.

The museum uses the domestic metaphor to show and reflect on the complex and intricate web of gazes, narratives and practices that de-fine the condition of disability.

Each room is dedicated to a specific topic/action:
the entrance to looking and prejudice;
the living room to language and talking;
the kitchen to storytelling and the different narratives in the field;
the dining room to sharing and the ambiguity of rights;
the bathroom, to purifying through practices of exclusion over time;
the bedroom, finally, to growing up today but still in a timeless existential dimension.

Starting from some common furnishing objects - a dresser, a mirror, a sofa - the house guest is invited to discover stories, to browse and open drawers, to interact with the staff and leave a testimony. And to reflect on the way in which people with disabilities, especially those with intellectual disabilities, are still being de-identified today.

This critical reading is counterbalanced by the pro-positive environment of the bistro.

In fact, during the tour, the visitor has the opportunity to learn more about the job placement project that also involves five people with intellectual disabilities and to interact with all the staff, to understand the reason for some project choices, in an attempt to build - all together, no one excluded - a model of social inclusion.

The museum is O.M.R. accredited.

Bistro information

For information on visits www.comeunalbero.org/visite/


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