Storiaviva Viaggi: boat trip along the Tiber with visit to Ostia Antica

Typology: Boats


Address: Ponte Guglielmo Marconi
Zone: Quartiere Ostiense (Roma sud)
Approdo - Lungotevere Dante


Opening times

Every day except Monday, from 9.30 to 15.00

School trips only by reservation

The company reserves the right to alter or cancel the itinerary of the boat at any time, due to river conditions or other events beyond its control.


Always check the timetables and the rates on the official website

The transfer from the Ostia Antica landing to the entrance of the Excavations can be done on foot (15 ′), or by a shuttle service at a cost of € 1,00 per student to be paid locally (availability to be verified at the time of booking).

More information and reservation: 324 5399902

Modalità di partecipazione: Booking required


Boat trip along the Tiber with visit to Ostia Antica

The proposed route combines boat navigation along the Tiber with a visit to the Excavations of Ostia Antica. An ideal excursion to re-evaluate and get in touch with the cultural and environmental heritage of the Roman coast, to rediscover the daily life in a Roman city and the value of the Tiber river during its 2800-year history and its natural environment.

The first part of the tour includes boat navigation along the Tiber with a guide on board for the section between Rome and the Excavations of Ostia Antica.
The second part of the tour is dedicated to a guided visit to the archaeological site.

The service is carried out exclusively by tourist guides qualified by the Province of Rome, experts in the field of school education and specialized in historical-archaeological and naturalistic subjects.

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