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ADR Assistance ensures disabled passengers ground assistance, in departure, transit and arrival at Fiumicino and Ciampino. The objective is to make the airport more accessible with dedicated assistance that will facilitate the journey.

ADR Assistance, a Gruppo Aeroporti di Roma company (Rome Airport Group), was founded in order to carry out EC Regulation n.1107/2006, which defined new ground assistance regulations for passengers with disability in European Union airports. The regulation specifies that, starting from July 26 2008, the airport management companies will be responsible for this service.

The service is completely free. ADR Assistance staff has been trained to assist disabled passengers comfortably and skilfully, through training involving physiological concepts for lifting a person, first aid, and the working of wheelchairs. Furthermore, the company has specialised staff trained in sign.

The assistance service is guaranteed according to security and time guidelines in order to make the passenger's journey more comfortable.

For any information about the services you can find in the airports and to know how to request assistance, please visit:

Fiumicino Airport  www.adrassistance.it/en/home

Ciampino Airport  www.adrassistance.it/en/ciampino

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