Guest houses (3524)

A Guest House is an accommodation consisting of no more than six rooms, located in no more than two furnished apartments in the same building, linked to each other in a functional way, that provides lodging and possibly complementary services.

1. Cozy Stay in Rome 3

Address: Via Antonio Pacinotti, 8

2. Crispi Relax Guest House o Affittacamere

Address: Via Francesco Crispi, 36

3. Crispi Suites

Address: Via Francesco Crispi, 10
Web site: www.hqhtrevi.it

4. Croce 74A

Address: Via della Croce, 74/a
Telephone: 0039 06 39388781

5. Crossing Condotti

Address: Via Mario De Fiori, 28
Telephone: 0039 06 69920633
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